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Mold research and development
-High precision mold manufacturing   -

When manufacturing molds, manufacturers must consider the characteristics of the different steels, the precision of related processing machinery, and the molds’ scope of application before setting up the processing sequence. This allows the processing sequence to be efficient, manufacturing time to be lowered, and high-quality molds to be collected.

YKHC has a wealth of experience manufacturing molds. Its Processing Department possesses a CNC milling machine, an electrical discharge machine, and milling and grinding machines required to manufacture high precision molds and ensure that the engineering tolerances created by the various parts comply with relevant regulations. Favorable test molds are then assembled.

Equipment such as the wire cutting machine and lathe are used by senior staff with upstream and downstream experience to produce mold parts based on the design drawings.
We can manufacture temporal molds or hardened molds thermally processed over >1,000,000 cycles according to your needs.
If your molds are to be used for manufacturing operations that take place abroad, we offer mold trial services before they are delivered overseas.

-2D Processing image-
-Mold machine tool-
-Mold machine tool-