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mass produce the finished molds
-Diversified services-
We focus on product designs as well as mold making, manufacturing, and completion. Additionally,
we offer short-term, low-volume injection molding services to provide our customers with the flexibility
they need to manage their manufacturing operations.
-Diversified materials-
We offer our clients the most suitable materials and manufacturing processes
according to their product function and appearance-related needs.
-Diversified manufacturing-
Insert molding/plastic molding/thin part injection/general plastics/engineering plastics/
fireproof materials of all grades /Various engineering plastics such as those that contain glass fibers and/
or feature heat resistance and/or impact resistance
- Moldflow analysis reports -   -Moldex3D moldflow analysis reports-

Materials used to manufacture plastic injection molds:
(Engineering plastic injection molding)
Polypropylene (PP) Polyethylene (PE) MDPE 
High-density PE Low-density LLDPE 
Polystyrene (PS) GPPS HIPS (475) EVA
ABS (PS) PMMA (acrylics) MABS
CA K resin  
ASA PLA (biodegradable) COC
Polyvinylidene difluoride
Engineering plastics POM -Polyacetal/Celcon/plastic steel/ACTEAL/Delrin/ Polyoxymethylene/Polyoxymethylene -
PA6 (Nylon6/NY6) PBT
PA66 (Nylon66/NY66) PA9T
PA12 PA46 PA6T
Polycarbonate (PC) PCTG PPO
High-performance engineering plastics LCP PPS PEI
Glue: alloy PC+ABS Alloy. PC+PBT Alloy.  
Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) TPS(SBS / SEBS)TPR TPEE/HYTREL TPO
High thermal conductivity Heat resistance Electroplating-grade
High-rigidity materials Extremely tough/impact resistant Cold-resistant  
We use flame-retardant plastic materials with fire-resistant grades of HB,
V2, V1, V0, 5VB, or 5V
We add antistatic, electrically conductive, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant glass fibers (GF),
mineral fibers (MF), and carbon fibers (CF) to our engineering plastics